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Roof Install Checklist

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Now that your roof install is scheduled, we want to make sure you are prepared for the big day! Please review this checklist so you can learn what to expect, and how you can make sure your home is prepared.

1. Sign the contract If you haven't already, please sign the contract we sent to your email. You'll see it listed in your inbox as "Insurance Solutions Services sent Document for you to sign." Contract must be signed 72 hours before construction begins.

2. Pay your down payment Your down payment is listed on the first page of your contract, and can be paid via cash or check. We ask that you please mail your down payment at least 5 days before your install date, or make arrangements to have your sales rep pick it up from you at least 24 hours before the install. Payments can be made to: Insurance Solutions Services 6697 Promontory Drive Eden Prairie, MN 55346

3. Secure fragile items in the house The removal of permanently attached roofing materials is likely to disturb and vibrate the house. As a precaution, we ask that you remove from the walls or ceilings any breakable items such as, chandeliers, paintings, pictures, china sets, etc. ISS is not responsible for damaged items inside the home.

4. Make note of outdoor items During tearoff, waste may fall or be thrown from the roof. As a precaution, we want to make sure there are no breakable items within 10 feet of the house. Our crew will make these preparations on the morning of the install. They will move things like patio furniture out of the way and cover landscaping with tarps. However, if you have large items around the house like boats, trailers, grills, etc, or any other items you are particularly concerned about, we ask that you please move these yourself or let us know ahead of time so we can help you remove them.

5. Park your cars on the street 48 hrs before We will need full access to your driveway before, during, and after the install. A rolloff dumpster will be placed in your driveway 24-48 hours before work begins, and a delivery truck will also be occupying your driveway during the install. Your garage door will most likely be blocked during this time, so we ask that you remove vehicles from the garage so you don't get stuck! The dumpster will be removed 1-2 business days after the job is done. You can return your vehicles to the garage/driveway as soon as it is removed.

6. Expect some noise Construction sites are busy, noisy places to be! If you work from home, or if you have small children or sensitive pets, you may want to consider getting out of the house for the day. Work hours are from 7 AM to dusk. If you choose to stay at home, just be aware that it could get a little noisy!

If you decide to leave the house during the day, please use your front door. The job site might get messy, but we will do our best to keep your front entryway clear.

Questions? Concerns? Let us know. Unless you work on a construction site every day, this stuff is probably new to you. We get it! If you have questions, or if you're worried about something, don't hesitate to reach out! That's what we're here for.


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