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“My name is Michael O’ Leary and I’m a local General Contractor who has called the Twin Cities home for my entire life... I grew up on Summit Avenue in St. Paul, and graduated from Highland Park Senior High School before playing collegiate soccer at the University of Minnesota where I triple majored in Finance, Marketing, and Industrial Relations. Go Gophers!


With my Bachelor’s under my belt, I became an expert in telecommunications at the breakout of the cellular phone industry - it was definitely more exciting than other roles on offer. During this time, I was the #1 salesperson for various companies I worked for in the early ’80s and ’90s.

Inspired by the birth of my only son, I migrated into the insurance industry excited to take on new challenges in my career. I started and owned an insurance agency for 12 years with Farmers Insurance, but when my son turned 3, he was diagnosed with Childhood Leukemia, putting us all through difficult challenges. I am very proud to say he survived and is thriving in his own life.


I’ve been a resident of Eden Prairie for over 25 years, served as a Commissioner for 3 terms and survived spinal surgery here. I was also involved in coaching and volunteering for Eden Prairie sports as my son grew up, for over a decade. After enduring a fair amount, I know that love helping people, having fun, listening to live music and living life to it's fullest!

Once I found out how much more I enjoyed handling insurance claims and solving my clients’/neighbors’/and their loved ones’ problems, I ended my career with Farmer’s in 2002 to become a General Contractor as well. I specialize in handling insurance claims from the construction side - giving my extremely experienced skillset a broader opporunity to make sure the job gets done right the first time.


We are a small, local company, so we work harder for you as our neighbor, and answer every phone call because we care. Our goal is to exceed your expectations! And when we do, to keep business local and personable. If we haven't met already, I hope we do soon!”


Michael O'Leary

Owner, Insurance Solutions Services Inc.

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