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Insurance Solutions Services is Minnesota's trusted home remodeling and storm restoration contractor. We were founded by former insurance agent Michael O'Leary, who throughout his career saw deep flaws in the way homeowners are treated after storms and natural disasters. He watched as homeowners were forced into large repairs that they didn't plan for, and exploited by less-than-charitable insurance adjusters and slipshod contractors. In 2002, O'Leary founded Insurance Solutions Services with the mission of helping homeowners get the quality repairs they deserve from their insurance claim, while protecting them from out-of-pocket costs. 


Our goal is to provide a comprehensive restoration experience and go beyond just resolving the direct damage caused by storm or disaster. We understand that many of our clients have gone through an incredibly stressful process of dealing with their insurance companies and contractors who did not have the same level of care and understanding as we do. At Insurance Solutions Services, we take pride in providing excellent customer service and top-notch craftsmanship to every job we do. Our team is made up of highly experienced remodeling professionals and storm restoration experts who are dedicated to restoring your home, business, and quality of life. 


No matter the project size, we demonstrate the same level of commitment and attention to detail to make sure that your home is restored to the highest standard. Our goal is to exceed your expectations when it comes to the quality and timeliness of our work and to ensure that you have the peace of mind knowing that your restoration project is in the best hands. Thank you for considering us for your project. We look forward to repairing and restoring your property back to its best and helping you move forward with life.

About Us

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