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Insurance Supplements: What You Need to Know

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Supplements are an important part of our work as a storm damage restoration contractor. In this article, we will explain what supplements are, when and why they are needed, and how they will affect you as a homeowner.

What is a Supplement?

A supplement is an addition to the original estimated cost of repair that allows for the full cost of restoration to be covered. Supplements can be submitted by the policyholder, or by the contractor or other vendors involved in the claim. For example, if your insurance company estimates $800 for tree removal, but the tree removal company charges you $1,200, you can submit the receipt to your insurance adjuster to recover that additional cost. This would be an example of a supplement.

At Insurance Solutions Services, we submit these supplement requests on your behalf when additional expenses pop up. Insurance adjusters may be wary to pay additional costs on your claim, and often request a lot of additional documentation to validate supplement requests. At Insurance Solutions Services, we have years of experience working with insurance adjusters and we know what it takes to get supplement requests approved quickly and reliably.

Supplementing Before Work Begins

Supplement requests can be made before or after restoration work begins. For example, if your insurance estimate covered replacement of only one half your roof, when a full replacement is needed, we will supplement for that before work begins. In general, we try to submit large supplements like this before work begins, just in case we have any trouble getting those additional costs approved.

Supplementing After Work Begins

In many cases, supplements are submitted after work begins, or after the whole project is complete. For example, after work begins we may discover additional hidden damage that was not included in the original estimate. Or we may notice something that the insurance adjuster simply forgot, like an exhaust vent or a piece of trim. In these cases, we simply send the bill to your insurance company after the job is done.

In summary, insurance supplements are a tool to make sure you are fully reimbursed for your loss, and protect you from unforeseen costs during your restoration. If you have questions about insurance supplements, please reach out to our team!

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